Battle of Somosierra 1808

The Battle of Somosierra occurred November 30, 1808, in the Peninsular War, when a French army under Napoleon I forced a passage through the Sierra de Guadarrama shielding Madrid.

At the Somosierra mountain pass, close to north of Madrid, a heavily outnumbered Spanish detachment of conscripts and artillery under Benito de San Juan aimed to block Napoleon’s advance on the Spanish capital. Napoleon overwhelmed the Spanish positions in a combined arms attack, sending the Polish Chevau-légers of the Imperial Guard at the Spanish guns while French infantry advanced up the slopes. The victory removed the last obstacle barring the road to Madrid, which fell several days later.

The Spanish artillery is a conversión from austrian artillery from hät

The artillery in the mountains


Siege of Zbarazh – Cossacks

The Siege of Zbarazh was a 1649 battle of the Khmelnytsky Uprising. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth forces held their positions besieged in the Zbarazh Castle until in the aftermath of Battle of Zboriv and the Treaty of Zboriv the hostilities paused and the siege ended.
Artillery of Zaporozhian Cossacks over the walls of Zbarazh

Charge of the Lifegurads cossaks