Panzer Lehr Division Normandy 1944

Panzer Lehr began forming at Potsdam in November 1943 and moved to the Nancy–Verdun area in January 1944 to complete the process.
Panzer Lehr was one of the best equipped divisions in the Panzerwaffe.[15] Its panzer regiment had a battalion each of Panther and Panzer IV available. Moreover, all the battalions in both panzergrenadier regiments were with transported by tracked, armored vehicles such as the Sd.Kfz. 251 halftrack. This is in contrast to ordinary Wehrmacht panzer divisions, where only the first battalion in the first panzergrenadier regiment was equipped with halftracks, with the remaining battalions equipped with trucks. The division’s engineer and reconnaissance formations were also equipped with armored vehicles, the armored reconnaissance battalion having a company of the new Sd.Kfz 234/2 Puma armored cars. The division’s panzer regiment also had the 316. Funklenk-Panzerkompanie (abbreviated 1./s.Pz. Kp. ‘Funklenk’ 316) («316th Remote Control Panzer company») attached while in Normandy; this company was originally equipped with ten Tiger I tanks, and was allocated the first five of the new Tiger II tanks that are not used in Normandy since it broke down en route and been replaced by 9 Sturmgeschütz self-propelled guns, which fought at Tilly and St. Lo until destroyed, at which point the 316th Company was disbanded. The division’s panzer regiment had a total complement of 208 operating tanks and assault guns (10 Panzer III, 9 StuG III, 97 Panzer IV, 86 Panthers and 6 Tigers) as of 6 June 1944 plus nine tanks and assault guns under repair (1 Panzer III, 1 StuG III, 2 Panzer IV, 3 Panthers and 2 Tigers). It also had 31 Jagdpanzer IV in its Panzerjager battalion. Another unique feature of this formation was that its panzergrenadiers were, for a large part, dressed in the grey, short, double-breasted tunic similar to the one worn by Sturmgeschütze units, instead of the standard M1942 tunic worn by other German Army (Heer) units.

The kit is a famous kit form Dragon with 4 panzergrenadiers during Caen battle. The Sherman destroyed is from Dragon too.

The Caen battle.
When the Western Allies launched the amphibious invasion of Normandy on 6 June 1944, Panzer Lehr, as a part of the strategic armored reserve (Panzer Group West), was held back from the fighting during the crucial first days.
It was soon released, reached the front, and was committed to battle against the British and Canadians on June 8. It was placed in the front line adjacent to the 12th SS Hitlerjugend Division, where it defended Caen and fought several British offensives to a standstill.