Spanish Spad XIII over Morocco Campaign 1926 – Alhucemas

During the campaing of Alhucemas, in 1926, Spanish Air Force had three squadrons each composed of a group
reconnaissance and other bombing, six hunting and reconnaissance seaplanes, six bombing seaplanes, a French bombing squad, a captive balloon, a airship and two airplanes for sanitary evacuations.
The kit is based in Spad XIII, with a modification for two-seat.

Photos are taken in Gredos, November 2019

Tribute: Regimiento Alcantará – Annual 1921

Alcantara Regiment, the story of Spanish riders who sacrificed their lives for their companions in Annual

During the war against Abd el-Krim, a few soldiers on horseback managed to save the lives of many of their comrades and put an entire army in check.
80% of the Alcantara riders died and 12% more were captured.
This unnameable act of heroism caused the unit to be proposed for the «Laureate Cross of San Fernando» (in its collective category), the most precious Spanish military

The kit: is based on US cavalry from Italeri. Heads are from Condederate infantry.