Mig-15 Uganda Air Force 1/72

The original idea is built a diorama with some troops from Uganda army with a Mig-15.
The soldiers are conversion from hät, esci and italeri.

The mig-15 is from mistercraft, limited quality but for this idea enough.
It is painted as this schema, from 1976

Painted colours fromHumbrol are H127 under, H26 and H27 upper.

The diorama

Photos are taken in Lago de Sanabria, february 2020

Mig-17 Cuban

Mig-17 from mistercraft. The nose is a conversion with FW-190 nose.
The original came with radar nose.

After nose conversion, added two pods for missils AK.
Paint began with a black coat from humbrol.

Flaps are painted in 56 humbrol.
Later, painted with humbrol 27002

Photos of one Mig taken in Bucarest from Romanian Air Force

The diroma, Mig-17 in Cuban Air Force

Photos are taken in Otero Herrero, feb 2020